Makeup Artist Responsibilities and Duties, Duties of a Makeup Artist

Responsibilities and Duties of a Makeup Artist

Do you want to know what it takes to become a professional makeup artist? If YES, here are some most important duties and job description of a makeup artist, so that you will know what to expect while pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

  1. Good at working independently and also an effective Team Player.
  2. Expertise in doing time bound makeup on artists at the set or any event or concerts.
  3. Comprehend the demand of the script and accordingly set the look.
  4. Creative enough to experiment with different styles, designs, and costumes.
  5. Understanding which cosmetic works best as underlayer, or with an applicator.
  6. Maintain customer purchasing details and interact with them in a proper manner to assure future business.
  7. Participate actively in all salon and department meetings.
  8. Provide guests with a relaxed and comfortable experience to make sure to provide them with a positive experience.
  9. Present salon guests best customer service by providing them updated information and techniques of the services required by them.
  10. Maintain a safe, clean and relaxed work atmosphere in the salon.
  11. Utilize ice-breakers to develop long-lasting relations with customers.
  12. Confirm client requirement and present products accordingly through education and demonstration.
  13. Ensure to develop an environment giving respectful treatment to all employees.

Apart from these roles and responsibilities, a makeup artist should also carry a pleasing personality.  Some personal habits include:

  1. Being Courteous at all times.
  2. Reaching out towards extended workday schedules.
  3. Accepting mistakes and make improvements in them.
  4. Adaptable to new ideas.
  5. Being clean, well dressed and follow hygiene.

Obviously, you need to join a good makeup school to get the skills and training to enable you to get jobs in the beauty & glamour industry.

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