Bronzer is the perfect make-up item if you are looking to add some glow and radiance to your face. Strategic application of bronzer can give a naturally-looking spark to your face and add tons to your complexion. But, you need to be aware of the best spots for its application as these will vary depending upon the woman’s face shape. The best makeup artist in Gurgaon gives the following guidelines:

Common Preparation for all Face Shapes

Before applying the bronzer there are a set of preparatory procedures that are common to women of all face shapes. The first step is washing your face with a suitable cleanser and lukewarm water. Oily skin types need foaming cleanser, dry skin types require cream based cleanser, normal skin types need an oil-based gentle cleanser that is pH-balanced. Application of a good moisturizer with adequate SPF protection is the next step.Then apply an even base of concealer and liquid foundation and go on to put your bronzer.

Applying the Bronzer

Varied bronzer brushes are available and choose one which is soft and not too stiff. The bronzer shade should be 1 or 2 times darker than your skin tone. Given below is the correct technique of applying the bronzer followed by detailed specifications for each type.

Twirl your brush evenly in the bronzer and begin by applying a light coat on the outer sides of your forehead top along the hairline. The application should move in the shape of numeral ‘3’ beginning from the forehead and moving down on both sides to the lower portion of your face. Move your lips to get a fish pout and then coat your cheekbones with the bronzer. Lastly sweep your bronzer along the lines of your jaw completing the shape of numeral ‘3’. Do not forget areas that are hit by sun’s rays like your chin, neck and the bridge of your nose. Give a light application to these areas and then blend in everything for a natural look.

Special Tips for Differing Face Shapes

Oval Shaped Face:

Main areas to be highlighted are the forehead top along the hairline and then sweeping it along the cheekbones. You should brush along your cheek hollows only for a sharp contoured look. A gentle brushing along the bridge of your nose will do.

Heart Shaped Face:

Here, too the bronzer should touch the upper area of the forehead however; a little more quantity needs to be applied on the temple area and along the hairline.The cheeks and chin area should also be included in the application for highlighting your god-gifted angles.

Round Shaped Face:

The bronzer needs to be applied along the cheekbones and moving downward towards the jawline. This technique helps to give a slimmer look to the face. Ensure that it blends perfectly for the natural effect.

Square Shaped Face:

Sweep the bronzer along your forehead’s mid-section and along the center of your cheeks (area between the top of your cheeks and the hollows). Apply with a deeper curve to tone down the corners of your face.

Rectangular Shaped Face:

Sweep the bronzer as in above along the mid-area of your forehead and the mid-section of your cheeks.


Perfecting the technique of bronzer application is a vital aspect for any makeup artist. However, for best bridal makeup, contact NeeluTaneja Makeovers.

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