Whether you purchase nude color, glossy types, deep berry shades or sexy mattes shades, lipsticks give an amazing look and create a big difference in your overall look. However, it is essential for you to know about the necessary lipstick hacks and ways to apply your favorite shades of lipstick in order to enhance your look.

For this, you should stay aware with necessary lipstick hacks to give you stunning lips while you go to attend any party or on your special wedding day. Especially, for the makeup on wedding day or for best bridal makeup contact NeeluTaneja Makeovers and get stunning look with perfect combination of lipstick shades, eye liners and other essential face plus eye-makeup options available.

Lipstick Hack 1-Scrub the Lips

Before you should apply lipsticks, it is essential for you to scrub your lips. You may apply an old toothbrush thoroughly or combination of olive oil and sugar granules to scrub the lips. Scrubbing gives smoothness to your lips, while makes them ready for the application of any lip color shade. You should always keep in mind that dry flakiness of your lip ruins even any stunning lipstick look.

Lipstick Hack 2-Tricks to Apply Lip Liners

Young girls and women should remember that lip liners are not only to line your lips. Even though, liners give an outstanding definition as well as volume to your lips, ideally, you should use lip liners also to fill your lips. On doing this, you will create an excellent initial color coating and once you apply a matching lipstick, you will find that color of lipstick as appear brighter than before.

Lipstick Hack 3-Application of a Primer

Before you should apply any lipstick shade, you should make sure of applying a good quality primer. Primers let the lipstick to last for a long time and highlight its true color.

Lipstick Hack 4-Use a Lipstick Brush

You should ensure using a suitable lipstick brush rather than applying a lipstick of any color directly. Lip brush allows for easy and better layering on the lip color.

Lipstick Hack 5-Apply Clear Gloss to Get Long Lasting Solution

Whether it is a wedding event or any party/outing with friends, there is one day when you want your applied lipstick to last for a long time. Here comes the role of a clear gloss coating, which you should apply after you done with both lipstick and lip liner. Gloss coat will seal the color of your lips properly and give them a moisturized yet healthy look.

Lipstick Hack 6-Place a Tissue Paper between Lips

Once you apply the initial lipstick coat, you should place a tissue paper between the lips and press them over it properly. Tissue papers soak the extra color on the lips and prepare them for the second coat.

Lipstick Hack 7-Apply Highlighters on the Cupid’s bow

To add something extra to your look and to let your chosen lip color stands out, you should apply highlighters on the Cupid’s bow. This gives stunning look to your pout.

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