Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup

Today, you will find a large number of ways to go with eye makeup for defining your eyes in an enticing way. However, most of us often become confused with the availability of so many products, like contour, shadow, line, mascara and highlight and similar others. In order to avoid this confusion, Neelu Taneja, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon has highlighted a few quick tips to go for eye makeup successfully.

Give Time to Know Each Type/Form of Eye Makeup

Eye makeup consists of different things, which include applying makeup to lower lash line, upper lash line, tear duct, outer V, crease, lid, highlight or brown brow, and water line. Whenever you go for eye makeup, you should essentially consider the mentioned types and choose or apply colors accordingly.

Use Lash Curler to Retain the Applied Mascara

Application of mascara is a simple way to define the beauty of your eyes. However, to retain the beauty related to applying mascara, it is essential for to use a lash curler before you apply mascara. Otherwise, your lashes will pull out easily, as said by Neelu Taneja, known as the best bridal makeup artist. Thus, for eye makeup and for best bridal makeup contact  Neelu Taneja Makeovers definitely and get tips for perfect eye makeup.

Go with Two Formulae-Lengthening and Thickening

If you want to achieve an outstanding look with your eyelashes, you should definitely apply two formulae i.e. one for lengthening and another one for thickening. For this, you should jiggle the thickening formula brush beneath your eyelashes to achieve fullness and cover its root completely. Once you complete this step, you should apply the second one i.e. lengthening mascara from the middle towards the tips to add something extra to your outer eyelashes for additional flair.

Leave a Gap in Between Bottom and Top Eyeliners

To give wide look and highly awake your eyes, you should leave a gap in between your bottom eyeliner and top eyeliner. This creates a relatively big illusion. Even you may opt to add dummy or nude eyeliner to achieve the highest possible brightness effect.

Choose a Perfect Shade of Your Eyeliner

In the next step, Neelu Taneja, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon recommends choosing a perfect shade for your eyeliner. Even though black eyeliner goes with everything and every type of attire, if you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes, you should apply a perfect color complementing your eyes or pupils.

Opt to Apply Nude Eyeliner Shade

If you have to enjoy late night party or want to get the large look of your eyes, you should make sure of applying a nude eyeliner shade with the bottom waterline. This will give you brightness instantly.

Apply Concealer to Deal with Eyelids Complexion

In case you find your eyelids as appearing reddish a bit, you should apply concealer quickly to even out your eyelids’ complexion to prepare for applying eyeshadows.

White Eyeliner

Lastly, you should apply white eyeliner below your brows and brow bone to define your brows in a good manner and let your eyes as appear awake.

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