How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Naturally looking stunning eyebrows are back in fashion. All makeup artists are of the opinion that the more natural looking eyebrows a woman has the more beautiful and youthful she looks. Following are some tips given by one of the best makeup artists in Gurgaon that will enable you to obtain stunning eyebrows that will totally change the way you look.

Before you begin…

You have to ascertain whether your eyebrows have sufficient thickness and unfortunately, if you happen to have sparse growth then you can try developing thicker brows. Use olive oil, almond oil or castor oil to massage your eyebrows for about 5 minutes before retiring to bed. Include raisins, nuts, salmon fish and soy products in your diet and you will be on your way to obtaining thick enough eyebrows.

Ascertain the perfect eyebrow shape best suited to your face

A shape of the eyebrows needs to enhance the facial outline. A round-faced woman should have a higher arch to her eyebrows while the eyebrows of a square-faced woman have to be curved or hard-angled. Women with heart-shaped faces should have rounded eyebrows with a low arch. Oval shaped faces are enhanced with soft-angled and flat eyebrow shapes.

Plucking your eyebrows perfectly

Now, you get down to the practical part of plucking your eyebrows in the right manner. Firstly, be sure to be seated comfortably under good lighting. Use top quality tweezers and pluck the region above the brow with great care. If you go overboard you will land up with thin eyebrows. After a few tweezes take stock and scrutinize the result. Combing of the eyebrows with the special brush is advocated so that any hair sticking beyond the eyebrow line can be trimmed with eyebrow scissors. You can rub ice cubes over the region to reduce the pain and redness.

Filling in the eyebrows

After you are through with plucking, the eyebrows need to be filled in so that they get a fuller and natural look. Your eyebrow color should match the color tone of your hair. Use of eyebrow pencil, shadow, powder or brow mascara will enable you to give the required look to your eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil is an excellent tool to hide the sparseness of your eyebrows and give a natural look whereas thicker eyebrows can be done up with brow powder. Brow mascara becomes essential for a woman with thick, unruly eyebrows.

Final step

The brow hair should be brushed gently with an eyebrow brush. Give an outline of the lower curve of the brow, filling in the spots which are hairless. If needed, you can give a tail to your brow outlining both the brow edges too. However, be careful with the color especially near the nose bridge. For a well-defined shape, the skin between the eyelid and eyebrow can be emphasized. You can blend in two to three drops of concealer, tint the area below the eyebrow with a highlighter and you are done!


Stunning eyebrows is the most noticeable feature of a woman’s face. All women especially, all brides-to-be have to keep this fact in mind before their makeover for the wedding. For best bridal makeup contact Neelu Taneja Makeovers and stand out among the crowd!

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