Your feet let you move through the entire world. During the movement, feet experience lots of sweat and contact with various unwanted elements, few of which are also invisible to our naked eye. Because of this, it has become essential for us to take some essential foot and nail care tips to retain the softness and avoid fungal infection or any other problem.

Especially, if you have your wedding day in the coming months, you should definitely make sure to keep your feet in fabulous condition based on valuable recommendations from Neelu Taneja, along with choosing for best bridal makeup contact Neelu Taneja Makeovers.

Smooth Your Feet

You should indulge in a habit of using a foot file or pumice stone on your calluses and damp heels. This will keep the feet in good condition in your open-back shoes. Firstly, you have to soak the feet in footbath or water for about 10 minutes or 15 minutes to make the skin soft. Next, you should remove the thick skin by applying pumice stone.

Finally, you should apply moisturizing type of foot scrubs consisting of sugar, crushed fruits pits or any other chemical exfoliator consisting of botanicals to remove the dead skin. Once you done with the scrub, you should make sure of applying a rich balm or foot cream that incorporates cocoa or shea butter.

Moisturize the Feet

In case you often deal with cracked and dry heels problems, you should try for varieties of moisturizing products based on the recommendations given by the best makeup artist in Gurgaon or a qualified podiatrist of the city. To start the process, you should try a few medicated types of heel pads to make your calluses soft at the time of your walking. Once you complete with exfoliation of your calluses, you should apply a heavy moisturizing cream to moisturize the heel’s tough skin.

Deal with Fungal Infections

If you are an athlete and experience heavy sweating, it is obvious that at some point of time, you experience fungal infections in your feet or toes. However, the positive thing is that you can easily get a variety of over-the-counter antifungal solutions and that too in different forms, which include lotions, creams, lacquers, spray liquids, liquids and spray powders.

Each of these products works perfectly to cure fungal infections in athlete’s feet. However, you should opt to apply any antifungal lotion or powder; you should make sure of drying your feet thoroughly. Damp conditions result in flourishing of fungi in one’s feet. Along with this, you should essentially follow the basic foot hygiene to avoid all sorts of fungal problems. Accordingly, you should wash the feet frequently, while dry them thoroughly, particularly, in between the toes. Along with this, you should wear properly washed socks.

Deal with Toenails Effectively

According to the opinion of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, merely pedicure technique is not sufficient to assure healthy condition of toenails. Instead, it depends on the applied technique. Because of this, nail technicians push back the cuticles from nails in a gentle manner to avoid toenail infection.

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