Every woman and young girl spend a huge amount of money and dedicate much time to put on mascara, eye liner and various other types of makeup. However, most of us fail to realize a few common makeup mistakes, which we often commit. Because of this, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon has mentioned a few common makeup blunders, which we should avoid essentially to retain our excellent look in front of others.

Applying Inappropriate Foundation

Beauty of our face depends solely on the foundation we use before applying makeup. Because of this, it is essential to use the right foundation. One of the best ways to deal with situation is to test various foundations on the jaw line before applying on the face. Moreover, you should essentially check the color of a particular foundation whether it is too light or too dark for your skin complexion. Especially, you have to focus on this factor while your bridal makeup and because of this, for best bridal makeup contact NeeluTaneja Makeovers.

Usage of a Wrong Brightener

Every woman loves contouring and accordingly, she needs a bright color beneath the arch of eyebrow to make the eyes more attractive. However, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon often recommends being careful while selecting a particular brightener to achieve the respective effect. Particularly, you should avoid silver, white or any other pale shades.

Applying Nude Lipsticks/Lip colors

Nude lipsticks although have remained a popular option for a relatively long time, while it is simple and easy to use. However, it is essential for you to focus on a few details before you should select one. Firstly, you should never choose a thick one, as it sometimes looks like you have put foundation on the lips. Moreover, your chosen color should essentially about two-shade lighter from your own skin complexion.

Using Concealer of Light Shade

Concealer is an effect way to deal with common problems related to hyper-pigmentation and dark circles. However, if you use a wrong shade concealer, it will hamper your overall look and result in appearing as a raccoon.

Skip to Remove Compact Power or Clean Foundation from Eyelashes

Most of the times, when we are in a hurry, we overlook the little foundations sprinkles and compact powders, which usually rest upon the eyelashes and create a weird look. Hence, to avoid weird look, it is essential to remove compact powder or apply mascara before completing our makeup.

Mismatch in Lip Liner and Lip Color Shade

Gone those days when women put a dark colored of lip liner with relatively light lip shade. According to the latest trend, you should apply both lip color and lip liner of same shade to make your lips, as appear full.

Applying Bronzing Powder Wrongly

Most of the women apply bronzing powder to their entire face. However, according to makeup strategy, you should place it only to the curved regions of your face. This is because; applying bronzing powder warms the complexion by simply limiting the effect of the heat and light come from the sun.

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