Wedding is a special occasion for every girl and every bride wants to be the star on the respective special day. However, in order to be attractive on the wedding event, a bride has to follow important beauty tips before few months of her wedding day. In fact, you not only have to choose for best bridal makeup contact NeeluTaneja Makeovers, but also take the necessary steps in your home.

Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing

A would-be-bride should make sure to perform cleaning, skin toning and applying moisturizer on a regular basis. These steps retain the glow of her skin and keep her youth. Clean and free from dirt face keeps the skin pores open and thereby, allows better breath of the skin. After this, skin toning tightens the skin pores and reduces fine lines largely. Finally, applying a moisturizing lotion or cream on the face locks moisture into its pores to keep the skin supple and soft. Other than this, you should assure about applying sunscreen in a diligent way.


According to the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, exfoliation is an excellent way to remove black heads and dead cells from the skin. Hence, a would-be-bride should make sure to exfoliate the skin before applying a face wash for 2 or 3 times in one week. Moreover, you should apply a mild type of face wash, as harsh face wash may cause irritation to the skin and results in rashes.

Hair Spa and Facial

To get shiny looking and healthy hair, you should start with hair spa session once in a month and you should start the treatment minimum before six months of your wedding day. Simultaneously, you should go for facials on a monthly basis starting from before six months of your wedding. However, in case you do not have adequate time left for your wedding day, you should choose for bi-weekly based gold facial. Along with this, the best makeup artist in Gurgaon recommends that to get shiny hair, you should try various homemade masks, which help in getting shine to your hair. Whatever you do, you should make sure of a patch test before you should apply any new product on your skin.

Opt for Clinical Sittings

In case of too many spots or marks on your face/skin, you should definitely opt for clinical sittings to get a spot-free and fair skin in no time. In this case, you should approach professional treatment providers i.e. for best bridal makeup contact NeeluTaneja Makeovers to treat sunburns, patchy skin and pigmentation problems. You may even opt for microdermabrasion treatment from any professional aesthetic expert to fix your blemishes and scars properly. You should start the mentioned treatment early before your wedding to overcome the problems related to acne, wrinkles and fine lines. Once you complete with the required numbers of clinical sittings, you should apply homemade face packs to retain your spot-free and attractive face look.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Hands and Feet

Finally, as a would-be-bride, you should make sure retaining softness of your hands and feet by massaging them with olive oil before you should go to sleep during the nighttime. This allows you to overcome the problem of dry skin.

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